Terms and Conditions – On-demand Services:

It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of RESCUE®’s on-demand roadside assistance service you are considering and to ensure that you understand the limitations and obligations involved.

The terms and conditions of service constitute the agreement between you and RESCUE®. Please ensure you read and agree with the below Terms and Conditions before availing our services/ allow our service provider to assist you with your vehicle breakdown.

We request you -  

- Not to behave inappropriately towards any representative of RESCUE® by, including but not limited to, acting in a threatening or abusive manner, whether verbally or physically.

- Not misuse our services by, including but not limited to, any of the following:

- Persuading or attempting to persuade any representative of the RESCUE® into a dishonest or illegal act;

- False or fraudulent actions or dishonesty or any act or omission which is willful misuse or unlawful;

- Providing false information/Omitting to tell RESCUE® important facts about a breakdown in order to obtain a service at a lower price than what would be charged for the right service.

All services rendered by RESCUE are covered by these terms and conditions. Availing our services by submitting a form on our website or contacting us via a phone call or by contacting us via whatsapp or any other interface indicates that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.


  1. Any repairs done/executed by RESCUE® to your Vehicle are only temporary in nature and sufficient to enable the Vehicle to journey to the nearest garage and you should have a permanent repair carried out prior to any further use of the Vehicle. RESCUE® is not liable to claims arising out of events not in our control.
  2. Our charges are for breakdown inspection/attendance/diagnosis by our service providers. The same charges will still apply if the issue is not fixable on-the-spot (major problems which require repair at a service station) or alternatively, if the issue is not as severe as first thought, after inspection by the mechanic, and doesn’t require any service.
  3. Any spares, consumables, fines, toll, parking and applicable taxes are charged as per the actuals over and above the breakdown attendance fees.
  4. Specialist equipment costs. We will arrange for the specialist services if needed, but you will have to pay for any additional costs direct to the contractor.
  5. By submitting a request for assistance, you permit us to contact you via phone call, whatsapp chat,  e-mail and any other interface that we may use to provide a service, follow up on that service and inform you about other relevant products and services we offer. You also permit us to use your information to improve the targeting of our promotional campaigns.
  6. We are not responsible for delays or non-submission of the form arising out of network issues or unseen disruptions. Please call our 24/7 breakdown helpline +91 9986 500 500 if you don’t receive timely updates on your service request.
  7. We do not guarantee to carry out the services if we are prevented from doing so in circumstances beyond our reasonable control including, without limitations, the actions of civil or government authorities, third party disputes, internal disputes, unavailability of spares, where we have taken reasonable steps to prevent the effects of such action on our services, but have been unable to do so; acts of God; terrorism or severe weather conditions.
  8. RESCUE will not provide services where the driver/rider of the Vehicle is found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxins or narcotics, under the age of 18 years, without a valid driving license, participation in a criminal act, exceeding the limit of number of passengers driver permitted to travel, carrying over weight load than the permitted weight.
  9. RESCUE® may cancel the assistance request initiated by you if:

        - Your location is outside the current service area covered by RESCUE.

         - If our service provider is unable to connect with your via phone or any other communication channels.

         - The service being availed is outside the present scope of services provided by us.

         - If the operations team is unable to reach your location within the promised ETA.

         - If the Service cannot be completed for reasons that are not in control of RESCUE®.

         We will refund the booking fee for such cancelled assistance requests, within 5 working days.

  10. RESCUE® IS ONLY A VENUE : The Service we provide is a platform for enabling the connection between individuals seeking to         obtain Roadside Assistance Services and/or individuals or companies seeking to provide these Roadside Assistance Services.         RESCUE® does not guarantee or warrant, and makes no representations regarding, the reliability, quality or suitability of such         Third Party Service Providers. When interacting with Third Party Service Providers you should exercise caution and common         sense to protect your personal safety and property, just as you would when interacting with other persons whom you don't know.         By using the Service, you agree to hold the Company free from the responsibility for any liability or damage that might arise out of         the transactions involved. Neither RESCUE® nor its affiliates or licensors is responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline,         of any user of the service or third party services nor any third party service providers/contractors . RESCUE® and its affiliates and         licensors will not be liable for any claim, injury or damage arising in connection with your use of the service or the third party         services/contractors.

  11. RESCUE® utilises third party service providers/contractors to provide you RESCUE®’s services, and you implicitly authorise                RESCUE® to make such appointment on your behalf and as your agent. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that such an        appointment shall give rise to a contract or other legal relationship between you and the relevant third party. Your remedy for any        act or omission of the third party or any of their employees, agents or sub-contractors shall be against the third party or the        relevant employees, agents or sub-contractors and not against us. Except where the law provides otherwise, we shall not have any        liability to you in respect of any act or omission of any Contractor or any of its employees, agents or sub-contractors.

   12.RESCUE® will not be liable for any damages or losses that occur as a result of the service provided, unless it is proved beyond        doubt that the damages/losses are caused only due to the negligence of our service provider. RESCUE®’s liability in such cases        will be specifically limited to a maximum amount of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) for four (4) wheelers vehicles and        5,000/-(Rupees Five Thousand only) fortwo (2) wheeler vehicles respectively against any service rendered by us.

   13.Termination: RESCUE® may terminate the service at any time for any reason, including but not limited to non-payment, abuse of        the service, or breach of the terms and conditions.

   14.RESCUE® reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions at its own discretion and at any given time without prior         notification to its customers.

   15.All disputes subject to the exclusive Jurisdictional Courts of Bengaluru, Karnataka. If any provisions of these Terms &Conditions        are found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be removed from the remainder        of these Terms& Conditions, which will otherwise remain in full force and effect.