Cancellation & Refund Policy

Understanding Cancellation Fee

Cancellations can be frustrating for you and our service providers (RESCUER) alike. Therefore, in order to ensure that our service providers are fairly compensated for their time & expense when committing to a service, we have ensured that a cancellation fee is in place. Your booking fee will be considered as the cancellation fee under the below mentioned circumstances. If the booking fee is not commensurate to fairly compensate the service provider, we may request you to pay an additional cancellation fee.

When will a cancellation fee be charged?

If you cancel within 5 minutes of booking, no cancellation fee will be charged. However, cancellation fee will be charged on account of

- Cancellation after 5minutes of booking

- Cancellation fee due to no show
  You will be charged a cancellation fee in case of a no-show/not available at breakdown location or when you fail to meet your    RESCUER within 5 minutes of the arrival of your RESCUER at the breakdown location.

What can you do if you were charged a cancellation fee unfairly?

You could connect with us via email - or whatsapp on +91 9538869606 or call us at +91 9986500500 if you feel that you have been charged a cancellation fee unfairly and due to factors beyond your control like the RESCUER cancelling the service or if you’re unable to connect to the RESCUER, or there is an inordinate delay in receiving the service. We will respond to your queries within 48hours.

To avoid cancelling your service request, please ensure before requesting

- Your breakdown location is correct
   While sharing your location with us, always double-check your location on the map before hitting the ‘share’ button. Pinning your    location properly will save time for both – you and your rescuer.

- You require assistance at the mentioned time
   We are a professional RSA & Towing Assistance Provider. With over 10 years of assisting commuters on road with their breakdowns,    we will get you moving! Please do not request help from multiple providers since this creates confusion & disputes when multiple    service providers reach the breakdown location. With Average ETAs as low as 25 mins, your OEM trained professional RESCUER is    eager to assist you.

Refund Policy

We at RESCUE always strive to give you the best possible service. In case you are not completely satisfied with our services we can provide a refund within 7 days from the time a complaint is registered with our Care team.

Please send us an email regarding the complaint to - . Please ensure to mention vehicle registration number, your contact number in the email

The final refund will be made after deducting the applicable taxes, and administration charges involved. All such refunds will be made in the form of online transfers and receipt for the same will be emailed to your registered email address.