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Whatever your towing requirements are, we are the professional car towing service you’re looking for. Our custom flatbed four-wheeler trucks are capable of towing any car safely.
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24x7 Towing Service

Your car has broken down and you need a four-wheeler towing vehicle at your location and a reliable car towing service who can help you. You’re frantically looking up the best car towing in Bangalore. Don’t worry!
is always nearby and available 24 hours a day.

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Available across Bangalore

Our Custom Built, state-of-art four wheeler flatbed trucks will transport your prized car safely to the destination of your choice. OEM trained and our certified drivers, with our fleet of tow trucks are on standby to assist you with professional towing across Bengaluru.

Towing charges in Bangalore

Four Wheeler Towing

Our custom built flatbed trucks, the first of its kind in India when it launched, are capable of towing any car safely from Maruti Alto's to Mercedes Benz.

₹2599 + ₹50/km

Prices may vary on location and traffic conditions

Enter the distance to get an estimate of the towing charges.

Estimate towing charges

Approx ₹ for 1 km

This is an estimate and the prices may vary location and traffic conditions

We love helping motorists & they love us in return!

“RESCUE, in my view, is the best car towing service in Bangalore. Their towing vehicle was efficient and safe. The entire process was well-handled by their support team from start to finish.”
Marketing Professional
“I was looking for puncture shops near me to help with my Royal Enfield tyre puncture and came across RESCUE. Their puncture mechanic reached my spot in 20 minutes and did a terrific job!”
“I was returning late from work and unfortunately ran out of fuel. I was searching for petrol bunks near me and spotted RESCUE’s emergency petrol delivery service, online. Their man reached me in no time. Brilliant initiative!”
“The best in the business! None of the roadside mechanics can do a better job in case of breakdown emergencies.”
Fashion Designer
“RESCUE helped me out late at night in Banaswadi when I needed an urgent car jump start. An extremely helpful service!”
Business Owner
“I was returning late from work and unfortunately ran out of fuel. I was searching for petrol bunks near me and spotted RESCUE’s emergency petrol delivery service, online. Their man reached me in no time. Brilliant initiative!”
Software Engineer
“I had an issue with my clutch cable on the way to office. RESCUE sent in their vehicle mechanic in no time with spares and took care of the cable replacement as I sat in office. Super convenient service.”
Business Owner
“I accidentally left my key in and was locked out of my car. As a RESCUE member, I simply had to give them a call and they sent a mechanic within 15-20 minutes to unlock my car. Easy!”
Sales Professional

Assisted over 2,00,000 commuters

Towed over 40,000 vehicles safely

We’ve been helping commuters in Bengaluru since 2011, working behind-the-scenes in partnership with major automobile brands and building our own extensive and ever-expanding network in the city. Serving stranded commuters successfully, day after day has helped us become the premier Roadside Assistance provider in Bengaluru.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your towing safe for my vehicle?

Absolutely! Our towing vehicles are state-of-the-art flatbed trucks with automated processes ensuring zero damage to your vehicle.

What are your towing charges?

Our towing charges in Bangalore depend on the breakdown/pick-up location, drop location and time of day. Please call us (9986 500 500) for a quote.

How quickly can you reach me?

We aim to reach you at the earliest. Our towing vehicles are stationed at strategic points across Bangalore. Depending on traffic conditions, our tow trucks can reach you between 15-45 minutes.

I’m in a hurry to get somewhere and can’t wait for your towing vehicle to arrive. How can you help me?

We understand your time is precious. In case you cannot wait until our tow truck arrives, we can arrange for our custody service. It is a service in which we help you by taking responsibility of your vehicle in your absence or during transit to a service station.

Can you tow any car?

Yes, our car towing trucks can safely tow any car. If your car has extremely low ground clearance or extra wide tyres, we may have to arrange for specialist equipment. So, please do inform us about the same at the time of placing your request.

I want to transport my vehicle from Bangalore to (or to Bangalore from) another city/state. Will you help?

Yes, we can help transport your bike or car across cities/states anywhere in India.