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Simple Ways to Increase Bike Power

If you’re seeking to wring more power out of your motorcycle, there’s no shortage of techniques to do the deed! Problem is, they generally require that one aspect you’re in short supply of cold difficult cash.

If you’re seeking to wring more power out of your motorcycle, there’s no shortage of techniques to do the deed! Problem is, they generally require that one aspect you’re in short supply of cold difficult cash. The good news is there are ways around that, and many times getting the right components to paintings the right manner for your existing system can get you to the promised land of performance without casting off the 2nd mortgage! Here, we’ll look at the modifications you could make that won’t require Bill Gates’s bank account or a mechanic-degree skill set.

At the center of it all, consider your engine as one huge air pump made up of routine combustions that suck in and push out that ever-vital element, oxygen. Find methods to transport larger volumes of air in and out of your engine and you’ll increase its horsepower and torque.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular bolt-on mods, and what type of gains you could expect.

Increase Your Air Intake

Your motorcycle’s stock intake plumbing is typically pretty suppressed, therefore reducing the restriction goes a protracted manner toward serving to combustion. Even simply a freer-flowing filter helps, and increasing the extent of the air intake will increase overall volume too; it’s one in every of the most affordable and best ways of pumping up power.

Be advised, however, that a number of the kits take away the complete airbox and leave the filters exposed to the weather, therefore select sagely for your application. Also, bear in mind that this modification alone may additionally mean increased consumption of fuel, therefore you’ll wish to regulate your mechanical device or tune your fuel injection system consequently.


By itself, this step can web you a few of horsepowers at the best.

Upgrade The Exhaust:

This modification usually goes hand in hand with our first suggestion. Because it has to adhere to changing emissions requirements as well as keeping costs low, your stock exhaust manifold’s ability to move air efficiently tends to be compromised. That makes aftermarket exhaust systems a good place to find extra horsepower and increase torque. You’ll probably gain performance right out of the gate because an aftermarket unit is lighter but it’ll also expel exhaust gases more efficiently, so your engine will breathe better too. Generally speaking, a 2-into-1 pipe will net you the most usable power, particularly in the lower half of the powerband where 90 percent of riders spend most of their time. They tend to be quieter too if that matters. Exhaust swaps are probably the single most popular bolt-on modification because they add power and torque, usually look better, and give your ride a better soundtrack.


Combined with a jet kit or ECU tune and airbox mods, you might even see a 10- to a 15-percent increase in horsepower.

Install A New Jet Kit/Tune Your Carburetor:

Conversely, if you’re running a carbon bike, there are still tweaks you can create. progressively stringent emission laws mean your bike quite likely came from the plant jetted on the lean side, in which case a simple jet kit should be all you need to place things right. because the name implies, a jet kit packs along with a variety of jets, each main and pilot, a replacement needle, any required shims or springs, and, crucially, a group of installation directions and spurting tips covering a range of scenarios. you can also find kits specifically designed to work with a particular manufacturer’s pipe and airbox modifications.


If added to a stock bike, gains are marginal, though it should smooth out fuel delivery.


Modify Your Ignition!

Ignition is one area that’s usually overlooked, however, you’ll set some additional horsepower free depending on how good your ignition system is, to begin with, and how your engine is ready up. Modifying your ignition for a bigger control angle will provide you with a little kick, considering this can be the place that generates the energy to ignite the fuel and air within the engine cylinder.

If you’re simply doing the pipes and airbox and your stock ignition is up to the work, then the sole boost you’ll in all probability see could be a slightly stronger throttle response. however, on an associate older bike or a so-so ignition system, chances are good you’ll gain a few extra ponies. Even new, upgraded plugs can help. Tread carefully though; aftermarket coils might not work with factory-installed ignition systems or wires.

Have a go at it! Experiment, get your hands dirty and see what heights you can take your bike to. Why should mechanics have all the fun?

Simple Ways to Increase Bike Power
Prasanna Sivan
November 27, 2021
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