Is your number plate defective?

Determine if your number plate could get you into trouble with these quick pointers

Determine if your number plate could get you into trouble with these quick pointers:

As per Sections 50 and 51 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, there should be no graffiti or drawing on the number plates. The numbers should be as per the standard prescribed by the Act.

As per the standard, vehicles registered in Karnataka should have KA code followed by the code of the jurisdictional Regional Transport Office. The second line should have vehicle registration numbers. The number plate must be lit up at night.

While the words should be in English capital letters, the numerals should be in Arabic style. While Kannada language number plates are not disallowed on vehicles, it is mandatory to sport plates in English too. This rule is applicable to all vehicles, including those belonging to government departments.

The registration number plate of private vehicles should have a white background and black colour letters, while commercial vehicles should have a yellow background with black letters.

The prescribed size for 2 wheelers is 200X100 mm and 340X200 mm / 500X120 mm for 4 wheelers.

The police believe that over 60 percent of the vehicles plying in the city have defective numbers plates. The use of correct prescribed number plates helps the police in crime detection.

The fine for sporting a defective number plate is Rs. 100 for first-time violations, but it would be compounded if the offence is repeated.


Is your number plate defective?
Prasanna Sivan
November 27, 2021
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